Fenya healing  is a new path to alternative medicine which encompasses wellness of the mind, body, and the spirit. It is under the direction of Dr. Fenya Hacobian. She holds a Doctoral Degree in Raphaology Medicine, a Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, and an Intuitive Healer. She combines Acupuncture, Peak Frequency Plant Medicine, Phyto-nutrients Therapy and Interactive Determination Therapy to help her patients attain the optimal health and vigor in their lives.

It is Dr. Hacobian’s belief that the root cause of every disease is set off by an imbalance in the mental, emotional, and the digestive system.  Through therapy she helps and corrects the imbalances and brings the body into harmony and wellness. Dr. Hacobian’s main goal is to help every patient achieve a fulfilling and happy lifestyle full of great activities.